The Year of Drinking Magic


I’m very honoured to feature in a wonderful new book by Guy Crittenden.  I feel it is a ‘must-read’ for anyone considering working with ayahuasca and plant medicines in general. The story follows the author’s journey of spiritual transformation, as he undertakes a series of intense shamanic ceremonies in both traditional and contemporary settings. Although ayahuasca is the main focus, San-Pedro cactus, psilocybin mushrooms, cannabis and DMT also feature. All the encounters with the various teacher plants are conducted with the utmost respect and the book is peppered with profound spiritual insights. The eco/spiritual message of the divine-in-nature reverberates throughout the book and the congruency of the author is clearly evidenced, in that all profits are going to the Amazon Rainforest Conservancy. It is not such an easy thing, to share such deeply personal and controversial experiences with the world. Testimonies, like Guy, are invaluable resources in the re-education of attitudes towards the shamanic use of entheogenic plants, as sacred healing modalities. Thank you Guy for taking us along with you, in The Year of Drinking Magic!

You can read more about the author here –


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